Group Tours

Our award-winning walking tour is the perfect experience for school trips, family reunions, and corporate outings. We’ll make it easy for you to create a memorable Salem trip as we offer private customized walking tours that will match your group’s time frame and interests. Groups of 10 or more may qualify for special group rates during the months of November through August. During the months of September and October a minimum of 35 paying participants are required for a group tour.

Call us at (781) 248-2031 or fill out the form to start planning your Hocus Pocus group tour. So that we can better help you, please tell us the anticipated date and time of your visit as well as how many adults, seniors (65 and up), military service members, college or high school students, and children (between 5 and 12) are in your group.

Hocus Pocus Susan Metzger leading a tour